15 January 2015

Reflections on a Paris Peace March

Consider some paradoxical thoughts about the peace march earlier this week in Paris, in the aftermath of the attacks in that city.
       1. Everyone wants peace for themselves. Even anarchists want to live in a secure and safe environment. The peace march demonstrated this primal urge;
       2. Some evil acts cause enemies to build a bridge to stand against the evil;
       3. Why was President Obama or his representative missing?;
       4. There is a fine line between free expression and lack of decency. It was barbaric what terrorists did in murdering people from the satirical magazine. However, it is rude and undignified to draw cartoons ridiculing Mohammed (or Jesus, or Buddha, or other iconic figures);
       5. The problem in Europe is less with Islam "inviting" and more about Christianity "fading." Something always fills the spiritual vacuum, which has been created by more than a century of secularization in Europe. What Europe desperately needs is a spiritual revival of millions of people following Jesus in a new way.

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