09 July 2012

I turn 50 in 3 Months

I turn 50 years old 3 months from today – October 9th to be exact. I’m excited, can’t wait really!
Here’s some things I am looking forward to:
1. Becoming a card-carrying member of the AARP with all the requisite discounts.  I’m going to the movies right after getting my card just so I can get the discount;
2.  We’re having a big bash at our place, live music included (that went over so well for Steven’s graduation that we are doing it again);
3. I'm buying 50 cigars (a variety of course) for any and all guests at the party to enjoy as a "toast" to 50;
4. Listening to people who are older than 50 say to me, "50? you're a spring chicken," and people younger than 50 say to me, "you're an old fart now!"
     When I turned 40 years old the great folks at Crossroads Church in Amsterdam threw a surprise party for me on the Sunday before (or after?) my birthday. It was such a blast, one of my best birthdays ever. I'm hoping 50 will be as memorable.

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