12 November 2012

Apartheid Can NEVER be the Answer

     The Israeli newspaper Haaertz recently published a poll of Israelis which found the following:
* 58% of Israelis believe "there is apartheid in Israel" in some ways or most ways;
* 74% support this separation, of which 24% believe separation "is good" and 50% believe "it is necessary."
     As a Jew, I cannot think of any circumstance anywhere in the world in which apartheid is called for and should be supported.
     Certainly the overall narrative of the Old Testament does not support a policy of apartheid. On the contrary, the Old Testament command is to welcome the foreigner, care for those who are otherwise outsiders, and reach out to those who are persecuted. If you believe that modern Israel is in the lineage of the Old Testament people of God, you cannot and must not support apartheid. In fact, you must speak against the opinion of the 74% of Israelis who support separation.

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