07 November 2012

Not so very good, not so very bad

Thankfully, the U.S. election is over. Surely elections matter, but I doubt that we should be so wildly exuberant nor horribly despairing. Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress should be tremendously humbled at the task of governing in the coming months and years.
       I was very disturbed (as were many people) at two escalating trends in this election:
       First, the sheer amount of dollars spent to get someone elected. It is heart-breaking to me that media outlets made so much money on a political process. We all know that these funds could have been used in wild and amazing ways to bless people, to improve the quality of living, to spur our economy;
       Second, political opponents were torn down and denigrated - over and over and over again. Why was it SUCH a breath of fresh air for Obama and Romney to speak generously toward each other last night? Because both of their campaigns and PACs have spent large amounts of time, energy, and money demonizing the other. So I ask: Has this strengthened our society and culture? Not one bit.
       Perhaps the day after Election Day in America should become a national holiday called, Repentance Day. I'll vote for that!

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