08 November 2012

Waiting for "Lincoln"

Steven Spielberg's film, "Lincoln" starring Daniel Day-Lewis opens in theaters tomorrow. I cannot wait to see the film. I have studied Lincoln for more than 20 years now and I am convinced he is one of the greatest leaders this country has ever had.
       What Lincoln possessed 150 years ago that most political leaders lack today was a sense of destiny, both for himself as a prophetic voice as well as for the country he led.
       This sense of destiny (focused ultimately on the abolition of slavery) caused him to be self-less in his leadership. He cared little about his reputation (outward appearance) and all about character (inward conviction).
       Many, many people in America yearn for this kind of leadership - a leadership which is unconcerned about the next election cycle, a leadership which is self-sacrificing rather than self-protecting, a leadership which rises to meet challenges rather than stooping to the pettiness of our current opinion.
       For me the film will be a welcome escape, an entrance into a fantasy land that I fear is now lost.

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