13 November 2012


There is a bunch of photos of me that Susy collected recently , and they reflect a unique perspective of my life.

       The first one was taken this year in Grasse, France during our Summit on Islam. My friend Rogier took the photo. I have a Palestinian head-wrap over my shoulders, and I am wearing a Nike shirt. I call it, "Pre-modern meets post-modern."
       The next is from Steven's Bar Mitzvah 6 years ago with my dad as I prayed for Steven. It's about as Jewish as it gets! It is a precious memory of three generations of my family.

       This is a shot of me in the Western Sahara last September during a Dialog for Peace between Christians and Muslim leaders. I am returning to this part of the world in a couple of weeks.

Lastly is a photo from a couple of months ago of my friend and colleague Fouad (a Lebanese Arab), Marya (a Persian/Afghan), and myself at our Peace Talks discussion.

     It feels a bit awkward for me to put four photos of myself on this blog. After all, it is NOT all about me and should not be.
     And yet, these photos represent the largeness of God's grace and is something of the picture of the Kingdom of God.
     I was reminded this weekend about a Frederick Buechner quote which I relate to well nowadays: “Your vocation in life is where your greatest joy meets the world's greatest need.” I hope Buechner's sentiments ring true in my vocation.

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