11 November 2012

The Private Lives of Public Figures

David Petraeus, a 4-star Army General and CIA Director, resigned his position this week due to an extra-marital affair he had. He called it tremendous bad judgement and now he must rebuild his life and marriage.
     This reminds me of President Bill Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewisky. Members of the Democratic Party staunchly defended President Clinton then. Now they are eerily quiet toward General Petraeus. Senator Diane Feinstein did say she did not think Petraeus necessarily needed to resign.
     We are seriously self-deceived if we believe that a leader's private life has little impact on his or her public leadership. It most certainly does. While we all may have "skeletons in the closet" and character flaws, truly great leaders consistently address these character issues deep in their souls.
     I applaud General Petraeus for resigning this week. You have served your country with great dedication and courage. I hope you will also serve your wife and family as courageously as you seek healing in your most important relationships.

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