16 November 2012

Two Thoughts on the New Israeli-Arab Hostilities

I have two brief thoughts about the current military conflict between the Israelis and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. One or the other of these comments will irritate or infuriate some.
       First, I do not remember a time when the word "assassinate" was used with supposed legitimacy besides by the Israelis when they killed the Hamas leader some days ago by dropping a bomb on his car. I applaud the Israelis for their candor and forthrightness when they announced they had assassinated the man. But I am deeply disturbed that we accept it;
       Second, nobody in their right mind would stand for anyone shooting hundreds of rockets into their country! Imagine if Canada lobbed a bunch of missiles onto Minneapolis or Seattle (highly unlikely that the Canadians would ever do that to anyone)? Of course the U.S. would retaliate, and most likely with massive amounts of force!
       This sounds utterly juvenile but I will say it anywhere:
Israelis, stop assassinating people! Palestinians (namely Hamas), stop shooting missiles! 

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